Woodhull for Prez in 1872 | onePodcast #12

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About the show: Thinking back to our history classes growing up, we had one question: Where the ladies at? Enter, Encyclopedia Womannica. In just 5 minutes a day, learn about different incredible women from throughout history. In Wonder Media Network’s brand new podcast, we’re telling the stories of women you may or may not know -- but definitely should.

Which episode should you listen to? Pioneers: Victoria Woodhull

Why? This podcast as a whole is really great. It’s all about the great women in our history that we may have forgotten about due to a variety of reasons (*cough* *cough* our education system).

Victoria Woodhull, was the first woman to run for president in 1872 on the Equal Rights Party ticket against running mate Frederick Douglass. She was an advocate for free-love, women’s rights and spearheading reform for equal rights. Just a strong reminder, that we’re still fighting for the same things as we were hundreds of years ago. Pretty crazy.

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