Showing up as the TRUE you | onePodcast #15

Wednesday (8/14/19)

Hi alllll! We’re back with another episode this week. Super excited for this one as it’s a Latina founded podcast. I rarely get to listen to podcasts with people who are Hispanic (maybe I don’t know where to go to find them) but it was super neat to stumble across this one below. Hope you enjoy it!

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🎙️ This week's onePodcast share is Latina To Latina

About the show: Latinas blazing trails in tech, business, the arts, and everywhere else.

Which episode should you listen to? The episode with Mishel Prada. Mishel is an Latina actress whose starred on The Walking Dead spinoff as well as on Vida, a show on Starz.

Why? Mishel talks about being Latina in the acting world. And her thoughts on labels.

What really resonated with me, personally, was how Mishel has showed up as her true self throughout life. This is something that’s hard to do as a minority in the world today and maybe even more in the male dominated acting world. She wanted to fail, learn and grow. Because of the risks she took in her career and how she was able to put herself out there she’s landed incredible roles thus far.

It’s awesome seeing other Latina women totally crushing it. So, very excited for you to take a listen.

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