Shining light on food accessibility | onePodcast #5

Wednesday (5/15/19)

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🎙️ This week's onePodcast share is….*drumroll*…Disability Visibility or “DVP”

Ep 38: Food Accessibility 🍲

The episode we chose for this week is about food accessibility with Shona Louise, a disabled writer and activist from the UK. Alice (the host) and Shona talk about what food accessibility means for disabled people’s independence and health.

Listen to the episode now

About the show:

Conversations on disability politics, culture, and media through host Alice Wong. You can support the show by checking the DVP Twitter and Patreon.

What’s happening in the podcast world? 🌎

NPR hosted a Student Podcast Challenge. You heard it right! This initiative shows how podcasts are totally changing the way we think about entertainment, education and much more.

What did the stats look like for this NPR Challenge? 25,000 students participated from all over the US. Submission came from cities and suburbs and rural areas, big schools, small ones.

NPR chose 2 winners! Phew - that must’ve been difficult. Congrats to the winners!🎉

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