Filipino designers are rockstars🤘🏽 | onePodcast Weekly #4

Wednesday (5/8/19)

PSA: Today onePodcast is taking a shift - we will still keep sharing 1 podcast episode weekly but instead of focusing on all creators we're going to highlight the underrepresented crew of the podcast world. We'll gather black and brown podcast creators and share their episodes with you right here. 

This week's onePodcast share is from a Filipino design focused show called roots.

We hand-picked this episode touching on Google Design Sprints with UX Desginer Chrys Francisco Laguitao.


About the guest: Chrys Francisco Laguitao is a Senior UX Designer at Google currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. She has designed for both consumer and enterprise products such as Google Flights, Assistant, and AdWords. Her career journey has taken her from being an IT Associate Manager in P&G in Manila, to taking up Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University abroad, and finally pursuing her aspiration of becoming a UX Designer at Google.

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