Diversify minimalism | onePodcast #7

Wednesday (5/29/19)

Phew! Where did May go? In this month, onePodcast hit 1 month. Pretend there’s a confetti emoji here!

We’re now on letter #7. Thank you for sticking with us and for having an open mind in exploring podcasts from underrepresented and diverse creators. I hope you’ve been enjoying each letter.

🎙️ This week's onePodcast share is The Pigmented Perspective

About the show:

The most impactful changes usually begin with a conversation. Conversations that cause you to bend and stretch, to learn and live. When we share our own unique perspectives, with everyone receiving a seat at the table, there's nothing we cannot accomplish. With each new episode, Kwofi and Justin share their perspective on a host of topics.

Which episode should you listen to? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read below, friend.

Our pick: A Pigmented Conversation on Minimalism, Part 2

Kwofi and Justin sit down for a 3 part series on Minimalism. When there’s too much coming at us in life the hosts break down how we can re-calibrate an unbalanced mindset. A great point they made was how social media, ads, and society influence us to stay in the dark, to not look at our debt, for example. It keeps away from having control or power over what we own and therefore creates sudden stress or sense of being overwhelmed. As the mountain of stuff, debt, etc. grows and grows we become smaller and less confident.

Take control of what you own today, the feeling of empowerment will immediately follow.

Listen to the full episode

What’s happening in the podcast world? 🌎

Sac Pod Fest is holding a festival this weekend in Sacramento! Theater, improve-comedy and live podcasts all in weekend? You heard right. Passes start at $5 to watch 1 podcast show. I think it’ll be worth the laughs. Learn more here.

Diversity & inclusion highlight of the week

Did you know that companies with more diverse management teams reported having 19% higher revenue due to innovation. For startups and tech companies alike, where innovation is the name of the game and the key to growth and success, these results are significant.

In this way, diversity can be the difference between overall company success and failure.

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