Changing how black culture is represented | onePodcast #6

Wednesday (5/21/19)

🎙️ This week's onePodcast share is….*drumroll*…The Colored Girl Talks

Ep 11: Representation Matters ft. Marjon Carlos

Have you ever thought about representation in the media? Personally, growing up I almost never saw myself on TV or in magazines or in the media in general. There was always a cookie cutter persona that was repeated all over society and mainstream media and that persona was not a Hispanic female. Thankfully, representation is changing for Women of Color, LGBTQ+ and much more.

The hosts of The Colored Girl, Victory and Tory bring on creative consultant Marjon Carlos to talk about representation in the media for Women of Color but more specifically representation of black culture in the music and fashion world. Marjon writes about culture and uses technology to help her research trends, designers and sub-cultures to share strong and creative WoC people in her work.

It’s a fantastic listen.

Listen to the episode now

About the show:

The Colored Girl, co-hosted by Victory Jones & Tori Elizabeth, is a podcast conversation series created to connect women with practical advice on how to be the best version on themselves personally & professionally.

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