andraya, from connecticut | onePodcast # 10

Wednesday (6/19/19)

🎙️ This week's onePodcast share is Nancy

About the show: Nancy is a critically-acclaimed podcast featuring queer stories and conversations, and hosted by two best friends, neither of whom are named Nancy. It’s a podcast about how we define ourselves, and the journey it takes to get there.

Which episode should you listen to? Their latest episode, When They Win

Our pick: When Andraya Yearwood runs against her competition, people pay attention — whether she wants them to or not. Andraya talks about her high school experience and the mental impact she faced while running track during the time she came out. As a trans athlete, Andraya started getting hit with directed criticism from her competitors linking Andraya to having an unfair advantage in competitions.

Andraya and Terry, another trans sprinter, start appearing on the local news and it becomes a huge topic of discussion. In all of this, their performance becomes somewhat overlooked purely because of their gender identity.

Incredible story telling, listen below.

Listen to the episode

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